Course Materials for
COUN 150 – Laws Relating to Children

Spring 2019


Class 1       PowerPoint--01


Class 2       PowerPoint--02


                                    A case to read:  Jonathan L.


Class 3       PowerPoint--03


                                    Education Code Section 48900


Class 4       PowerPoint--04


                                    LAO Overview of Special Education in California


Class 5       PowerPoint--05


Class 6       PowerPoint--06


                                    Kids & the Law


A case to read and summarize:  In re Jovanni B.


Class 7       PowerPoint--07                 


                                    A case to read and summarize:  In re R.T.


                                    What happens when a child abuse report is made?


Class 8       PowerPoint--08       


A photo essay:             


                                    National Center for Youth Law chart


Class 9        PowerPoint--09


Class 10      PowerPoint--10


                                    Family Code Sections 6920-6929


Class 11      PowerPoint--11


Class 12      PowerPoint--12


Class 13      PowerPoint--13


Class 14      PowerPoint—14


Class 15     FINAL EXAM